Well everyone, I have finally got my visit from AF after coming off my pill in December. 39 days since the first day of my withdrawal bleed.

Will my next one be back to normal? Doc says to have 2 before we start ttc but I'm getting very impatient.

Thank you all for your help.

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  • hey there, im not too sure about that, as when i came off the pill i went straight onto depo.

    Thats good about your AF coming though. Do you think you will wait for more AF's before you start? At least it gets your body all ready.

  • Thats great. I was the same but waited 55days! I am really hoping that my next one is a shorter cycle!!!
    I know lots of people on here who didnt even wait for one. I think they only advise you to wait so they can date it all!
    Good luck
  • Hi Homefairy and Mrs Mel

    Thank you for your replies. Whats depo Homefairy? I think we will wait for one more cycle as I have to apply for my job too which will hopefully be Feb time so want that done and gotten really but I'm so impatient.

    Mrs Mel, yes, that's what doc said about cycles, I think I read somewhere that it gives your body a better chance after coming off the pill, something about the lining of your womb or something?

    Good luck too, you don't realise this baby making is so complicated do you? :0)

    Thank you

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  • Hi Trixy,
    I had to wait 36 days for my AF after stopping the pill, then I had a 34 day cycle and my last one was 29, so they seem to be getting shorter!
    Good luck hun xx
  • Hey sweetie, I waited 1 month before ttc as it gave my womb lining a chance to thicken. It can cause mc otherwise. Luckily my cycles have been fairly regular, 28, 28, 31 and 30. My most recent af was super painful, like they were before going on the pill, so I think my poor body is finally back to normal.

    Good luck and loads a babydust xxx
  • Hi hun. I came off the pill and had first AF 42 days after WB. I'm still waiting for my second one and it's been over 90 days!! I've been doing opk's every day to see if I ovulate and I got my first positive at last on Thursday. So I'm hoping that means in 2 weeks time I'll either have AF or a BFP. I've had some tests done at the dr as I was getting worried about missing AF and haven't had results yet but dr didn't seem too worried and said it can take up to a year to get back to a regular cycle. She too said not to start ttc until 2 to 3 AF...we waited until after the first one but then couldn't wait any more because really I should be on my 4th by now!! She said that if you wait it's easier to predict the date and also reduces the chances of MC...but there are lots of ladies on here who have got a BFP before that and have had a healthy pregnancy. Good luck xx
  • Thank you all, it seems that maybe it hasn't finally come after all. doens't seem to be any more than a little earlier on, hoping it's just the start taking it's time - lol.

    I think I would be the same HappyMrs S, it's so frustrating waiting isn't it?

    Donnat and cass, fingers crossed I get back on track like you have.

    Babydust to all

    THank you

    V xx
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