What do you think?

Hi ladies, it's me again with ANOTHER post!!

Sorry about this but i'm going crazy today!

Can i start from the beginning so you can tell me if you think i did ovulate when i think i did and if i should just bite the bullet and test or leave it another few days?

Ok, my cycle is usually 31 - 35 days, but last month it was 29 and this was the first month i noticed ewcm. My last af was 27th Nov. On the 12th Dec i had a sharp, throbbing pain in my left ovary which lasted only a short time and a few days before this i'd had ewcm, maybe for 3 or 4 days. So i think i ovulated on the 12th. I don't use opks.

So if my lp is 14 days, and my cycle 29 days like last month then af should of been due yesterday.

I usually get af pain at least a week before af and i usually get heartburn a few days before too. I've had no heartburn yet and the first bit of af pain was thursday night when i got up to go to the toilet and it was very light, not painful. Then on Friday night i got cramps like af but didn't last long. Then yesterday i got what i can only describe as af pain but in my right ovary, which i never get before af. I've had it today too, it seems to come when i stand up from being sat down for a while. I don't know what ovary pain means.

I have had a lot of cm but the last couple of days it's not been as much.

Every time i stand up i go really light headed.

I'm not sure if this is in my head but when i eat i feel a bit sicky, but only lasts a few minutes. (i've had 3 mcs and i had this with all 3)

For about a week my boobs have been sore underneath and at the sides, but this seems to come and go now.

The reason i haven't tested is that i just don't feel pregnant and i'm worried what i thought was ovulation maybe wasn't. But surely ewcm and ovary pain is a good sign of ovulation?

Maybe i've gone back to a 31 - 35 day cycle and looking too much into this.

Please help!!!

I so want this as my oh is going away in just over a week for 6 months and i really don't want to have to wait that long!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


  • Hi hun,

    I think the only way you'll know is to do a HPT. I do think your symproms sound very promising but don't want to get your hoes up.

    Good luck

  • Hi hun, gosh no wonder your going mad! I had the same pain your describing yesterday but had a negative ov test, but today I just got a positive, it says on my kit that your most fertile 1-3 days after the positive so going by that you could perhaps have concieved on the 13th-15th Dec, and also if it was ov pains then going with a 14 day lp you would be due AF 27th-29th Dec. I'm rambling now aren't I, sorry! To cut it short...TEST!!! image wait until you have fmu though so you get a more accurate reading but the month I got a BFP (sadly wasn't meant to be) I had no symptoms at all either and really didn't feel pg, so don't go by that.

    Good luck hun and really really hope its a BFP for you, keep me posted! xx
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