The Wait Continues

Well still no sign of AF (Due yesterday)

Feel to scared to test cant face seeing a BFN!

No symptoms that AF is on her way but other symptoms like swollen tender breasts and achy back and sicky feeling....

Got everything tightly crossed


  • my god you have some will power girl!!

    good luck x
  • Don't know about will power lol

    Really want to test but can't face the disappointment... x
  • Hi pink angel image
    Im exactly the same as you!
    AF was due yday and had no period pains or nothing!
    So started getting a little excited now lol
    Woke up today and still no AF and no signs image
    I too am worried about POAS and seeing BFN image
    So am holding back for as long as possible and seeing what happens as i may just be late.
    Good luck, hope we both get our BFP this month
  • Hi Em_Lou

    Everything you have said is exactly the same as me...
    OH wants me to wait a couple of days but on the other hand keep thinking I want to know....
    Dont know what to do....
    Hope we both get our BFP's xxx
  • My goodness you both have amazing willpower!!!

    Good Luck ladies xxx
  • Hope to hear your BFP news soon!
  • I wish i had your willpower, good luck girls x x
  • Good luck girls. Fingers crossed for you x
  • Well stil no sign of AF, boobs are increasingly swollen and extramely tender and sicky feeling is getting worse.

    OH wants me to wait til monday to test..... x
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