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goin back to work

the doctor has signed me off 4 the past 3 weeks due to family probs and miscarriage, and every body wer i work knw that i was preg n i dnt knw how to say im not without upsettin my self? any ideas?


  • Hi rebekah

    So sorry for your loss. Is there maybe a friend or someone you get on with really well with at work and you could give them a phone so they can maybe let everyone else know? xx
  • yeah its kinda hard tho coz i work both lates n early, n they gossip like mad so im hopin if i tell a few ppl then every 1 will knw!
  • Hi Rebekah,

    I'm sorry to hear that.

    As Jen says, tell one person - even if it's someone in HR - and tell them how you'd like people to react, so maybe along the lines of, "treat me like normal, please don't make a fuss - if I want to talk about it please Iet me raise the subject". Then everyone's clear and they'll know what you want.

    Poor you! Good luck xx
  • im not starting until 5 tnite and i work in a supermarket so hr finish at 2!!!! but im going to try and stay with a mate at work that knws so that if any1 says anythin she can tell em 2 bugger off he he!
  • its not just people at work honey. About a month or 2 after i lost mine i went somewhere n like 5 people all asked me how my pregnancy was going, i still found it hard even then telling people. When are you back at work. x x
  • im back at 5 oclock tnite! realy realy scared! image
  • well my first nite bk went ok! wen i got in saw duty and asked if they could just ask if nobody said anythin 2 me n it was gr8! told afew ppl that r gossips so theyll gossip! but on my second night bk it was awful had so many ppl ask if id have a scan n stuff that was hard! but i got thru it!
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