how to know when u have ov without monitors?

hi just wondering how i am to know i am ov-ing, as i dont really want to go thru using monitors etc at this stage in ttc, as we have only just started.

i have read on here about ewcm, can u tell me a bit mor about what this means? i mean i know its egg white cer muc, but i mean does that mean i have already ov or am currently ov, thanks...sorry if i sound daft!


  • EWCM can mean different things for different people as everyone gets it at different times (it could be days before your ovulate or not until the actual day etc) and will get different amounts. I start getting it about 3 days before I get a positive ovulation test.
    The best advice I can give if you don't want to use ov tests or a monitor is to bd every other day or every 2-3 days and then you should have it covered!
    Good luck with the relaxed approach, I really hope it works for you x
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