Positive OPK

We have been trying for a baby since Oct 09, but started proper last month, i had been using OPK's since Dec 09 but missed detect lh surge. So finally see positive on CD14 last month (March) and we bd'd on CD15 and CD16, yet nothing happened! Makes me thinking is it me or him? I got a son from previous r'ship.
How is that possible for the sperm to miss meet the egg? We did doggy style only once both days and also put my bum up on pillow for 20 mins.
So got appt with Nurse nxt Friday to discuss further.
Any tips? Thanks x


  • Thanks Susiee for the info. Yeah it might be hit and miss. Will try SMEP this month as we might not had done enough. If still no luck then i suppose to get ourselves checked out to make sure everything is ok. Hopefully will happen this month but dont want to get too excited yet. We are both healthy couple. We don't smoke. Drink only on occasion. Will let u know what the nurse says. I think she will say "Time will come for u as u only started trying".
  • hi hun, just a thought - the opk's detect the LH surge which detect that ovulation will occur between 12-36 hours after. I would advise BDing every day you can after the LH surge to give it the best shot say for 4 days after? that way just incase your egg releases 2 days after the LH surge you dont miss it. i am 14 weeks and i did this xxx
  • Hi hun, I know how frustrating it is but even when you BD at the exactly right time, there is still only a 25% chance that you will get pregnant (the percentage starts decreasing a little after you hit 35) so it's really all down to luck xx
  • Thanks to u both for the advice. Congrats MrsPointin, hope u have H & H 9mnths image
    Yeah that what i thought, will try alot again to cover this month. Wonder if Pre Seed helps? xx
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