Anyone else hate SS but still do it?

I was determined to take it easy this month and just go with it, but its so hard not to ss.
I am 7dpo and have massive stomach cramps.....just hope they are a good thing and not just AF preparing for a xmas visit :lol:


  • Hi - I'm also 7dpo and have been having the odd twinge!! I keep thinking...maybe...!!!!!
    Fingers crossed for us - when is AF due? Mine is a week today. Would so love to be testing on Xmas day.
    H x
  • i'm also 7dpo - nice to know there are a few of us on the same time frame! i haven't had any symptoms to spot yet image i really shouldn't let this dishearten me as much as it does - i agave up hope days before af was due last month coz i didn't 'feel' pregnant.
  • Me! I'm awful, not going to ss this month - promise! lol!
  • After last month I am not going to ss i felt so bed when af came
    I have nothing at the min appart from pains in my lower tum.
    Come on xmas eve i want to test :lol: :lol:
  • AF is due a week today too..... its so nice to know that there are others out there that are are the same point as me!

    I have not got any other signs but really bad pain in lower tum, is that normal around 7 dpo?

  • I am on CD18, I don't know when I ovulated but I had some EWCM on CD12, and today I have been having stomach cramps and lower back pain too, it feels just like AF pains. First month ttc after coming off the pill beginning of October, so not sure if this is good or not!! I hope its not AF pains this early!!
  • Hey - I actually quite enjoy SS! I didn't have any symptoms at all until a few days ago and it was driving me mad- really really killed my PMA.
    However,three days ago started getting some signs. For last 2 days have had reasonably constant pain in my right side - it doesn't feel anything like AF pains though. More of a dull pain. Have had waves of nausia too.
    I am about 10 dpo ish.
  • I quite enjoy SS but then I really tell myself off for doing it cos I know that most of the pregnancy symptoms are just like AF symptoms!
    I'm only on CD15 today so by this time next week I'm sure I'll be going SS crazy! x
  • Still got really strong pains in lower tum and very tired image

  • oh I love ss although just posted on the "difference btw pma and pregnancy" pot, kettle, black! what else can a girl do to pass the time (have plenty to do, but sod that).

    Not sure if I ov this month and possible fabriods make it difficult to know, still... doesn't stop me reading others ss lol
  • I can't help but SS, although i'm trying not to!
    I'm on CD25, 10dpo today and i've felt a bit nauseous and (tmi) have had really bad wind (burping type, not the other). I've also got an increased sense of smell, these are all symptons of my last pregnancy!! Fingers crossed for us all xx
  • Im on CD31, 9/10DPO - tested this morning again *slaps wrists* and BFN.

    Sore (.)(.) dark nipples and visible bumps around nipple

    What DPO should I test to get my BFP? he he x
  • I want to try to hold out till AF is due on monday.
    Only problem I have got is that I am supposed to be going out with a couple of girls on Saturday for a drink, but dont want to if I am PG.

  • Hi hun,

    Whats your af date? Mine is Monday if yours is same date you could prob get a result on saturday as they say the pregnancy hormone can be detected up to 4 days before af.

    Am going insane as I have quite a few symptoms and really hope we have done the deed but I keep getting BFN. I asked in Boots and they said its too early and that 4 days before AF is the absolute earliest it could show so guess I should just be patient but am thinking really what difference would 2 days make. Mind you the amount of peope that have tested got a BFN and then waited 2 days tested and got a BFP is unreal so am not out till the witch visits.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi girls - 9DPO today, still getting mild pains in womb area and last night when I went to the loo, there was a light brown colour on toilet paper when I wipted (sorry if TMI). I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but the two things combined could be implantation. AF due Tues, but have got works Xmas do on Sat night - I don't want to test till AF is late, so I will just not drink (hubby is going to do OK if I keep passing him my glasses!!).
    Hope everyone else is doing OK. PMA all round!
    H x
  • hi girls my af due xmas eve too had a little pain tusday night on my right side but soon went quite soon trying not teast too early as well .x
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