TTC and Theme Park Rides??

Hi girls

Hubby and i are TTC and should be going to a theme park on Saturday (i know, schools are off, we must be mad!). Anyway, hubby has mentioned this morning about not going on rides if you are pregnant, does anyone know what (if any) the advice is when you are ttc? I really hope i am already pg but don't know it yet.

I don't know who else to ask, as i'm obviously not yet seeing midwife etc.



  • When are you due to test?
    If there is a chance a test would show positive before you go, perhaps you could do one early?

    I don't think any 'big' theme park rides are recommended in pregnancy at any stage. But its difficult as you don't know if you are or not and also, I bet there are tons of women out there who did the rides without even knowing they were pregnant and everything was fine. Not that I'm condoning it or anything, but its just a tough one!

    We're going to Florida in just under 5 weeks and if I don't get pregnant this month, I might be due to test when I'm out there!

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  • hi dreamy, I don't know if it would do anything if you are already pg but i think the bean would be pretty safe and snug so should be fine.
    Just wanted to tell you what happened to my mum though.. she had me ,no trouble ttc, then never fell pg again..

    until we went to disney florida when i was nearly 16. me and dad made her go on all the scary rides and when we got back she fell pg next month !!! Bit of a big gap between me and sis, she feels like she has two mums !! max xxx
  • Thanks Mrs Joo - i did wonder whether the "ignorance is bliss" approach might be the way to go but i'm just not like that - i have to act on what i know!

    I'm so new to all this that i don't actually know when i should test, can you test before AF is due? Sorry to be stooooopid!

    Good luck with your test (crossing my fingers and toes!)

  • That's a funny story, max! Made me smile on this wet, miserable morning!
  • my mum will be so pleased i posted her story LOL !! xxx
  • Dreamy - I think a lot of the 'early result' tests can show 4 days before AF is due. Some ladies on here have been lucky enough to get a positive result at 8DPO though!!!
  • Thanks Mrs Joo, still too early to test at the moment.

    Thanks for advice so far.x
  • I went to Alton Towers the month i found out i was pregnant - my little bean is still ok - it should not harm it at this stage
  • Thanks Crazy Girl, that's good to know - and congrats! When is your baby due? x
  • Hi I'm gatecrashing from pregnancy forum. I was 7 wks pregnant and went to Alton Towers aswell. My bean was also fine image At that stage the baby is so small that even in the really big scary rides they are very safe in there. I would'nt do it after about 12 weeks when the uterus moves up and you can actually feel it when you press your tummy. Hope you have fun and there are'nt too many people!! x x x x
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