Hi Jen

How are you? How was the Lap and Dye?



  • Hi annette

    Thats really kind of you. In a lot of pain not as bad today. They said everything seems ok. They said that maybe i just needed a really good clean out (lovely) to give it another 4 months and if still not pregnant then they will start me on clomid.

    How you doing honey?

    jen xx
  • Hi Jen

    That is great news. So they don't think you have to go down the IVF route?

    I have heard a lot of good things about people getting pregnant after having a 'clean out' from a lap & dye.

    Fingers crossed for you xxx
  • Hi moomin

    Thats what we are all hoping for. I wasnt really till i was waiting to go down to theatre when it suddenly hit my what if they do find something. But lucky for me they didnt and we dont have to go down the IVF. I must say that the Nurses, surgeoen were all fab 100% for NHS i have no complaints they have been really helpful and quick i didnt expect to get a cancelation. Im just glad now that someone can have my slot and get done quicker.

    thanks again.

    jen xx
  • Hi Jen, that's brilliant news, I am really pleased for you both. So you didn't go to work today then?!! I bet you are so relieved that's over. Take it easy x
  • Hi Jen

    Thats really good really pleased for you, good luck with your BFP xxx
  • Good news Jen- now book yourself a holiday, buy a whole new wardrobe and apply for a new job and it's bound to happen for you! xxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks girls.

    Swelling has gone down a bit today and not in as much pain today. Ive got lots going on just now so lots to keep my mind busy. Af arrived this morning so into month 18. and if nothing by October then back to the hospital. Thanks, you guys all keep me going dont know what id do without all of you.

    In the meantime i hope you all get you bfp soon.

    jen xxx
  • Glad you are feeling better Jen, are you finding it painful walking and stuff are you resting or carrying on going to work etc. Sorry af arrived, I have been told not to have un protected sex before my op, was you told that?

    Annette Xx
  • Hi Honey

    No they never told me not to plus as mine was a cancellation i was a bit worried as had op on day 24 but you have to take a urine sample with you which they test to make sure your not pregnant before it. My wound it sore and tummy swollen feel like ive been kicked really and really knackered. Went back to work on Saturday which was too soon really but they were good enough to let me have Thursday and Friday off.

    Got home last night and had a good cry i was just so knackered and got a cuddle from my oh.

    Whats the next step for you?

    jen xx
  • Hi Jen

    My operation is booked for the 4th August although I have said I am happy to take a cancelation, we have been told no unprotected sex though!!! not good. During the op they plan to remove my right fallopion tube and run the dye through my left. Really hoping that they can solve the propblem with my right tube rather than removing it but I don't think they will. I have to stay in for 1 night then I have been told I will need between 1 to 3 weeks off work, which seems a long time to me. We have also been reffered for IVF get one free try off the NHS which I suppose is better than nothing. Was feeling positive about it all but since hubby has been made redundant feeling pretty down about everything.

    Annette Xx
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