Anyone use ovulation kits?


We're not TTC just yet as I've only just
come off the pill so need to wait for my withdrawal bleed
My af's are so erratic my usual cycle is around 32-36 days
when we were TTC dd I never knew when I was ovulating.
I'm just wondering if anyone has or does use ovulation kits?
If so how do you use them and are they accurate?



  • i got some off ebay with a basal thermometer aswell and a chart! dont want to obsess about it but if i can try and pinpoint dates may help me if it doesnt happen quick!! thought id give it a go!! it was ??6ish for 20 ov sticks and a thermometer and chart! may help if you are abit all over the place with cycle! xxxxxx
  • Hey hunni

    no ive never used them, but if it doesnt happen quick this time, no doubt ill try anything lol xx
  • Yes I use the opk test strips and would recommend Wondfo brand - I get them off of Amazon - just make sure they're the right ones (ie Wondfo and not some other rubbish as I had some rubbish ones before I had these).

    Here is the link to my positive test strips - you have to wait until the test line is exactly the same colour or darker than the control line as you have LH in your system throughout your cycle and it's only when it peaks/rises will you OV in the next 12-24hrs or so following the peak. Hence you will see the gradual fade up to darker lines on CD13 and CD14 and the dark lines are showing that I am about to ov. Hope that makes sense. feel free to ask Q's!
  • Hi there
    I used ovulation kit on 2 out of 5 months of trying (we used the clearblue digital one). I'm 2 days late this month so I'm hoping that it worked! Makes you a little obsessive, but before using them I assumed I ovulated on day 14 but actually it was around 16/17 so might be worth using once just so you know when the good time to BD is.
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