confused with BBT!

i have just started charting my temps to help me work out when/if i OV.
so anyway, my last 2 cycles (first two real ones since coming off pill) have been 46 days long, so assumed i wouldnt ov till later in my cycle (currently CD16)

temps were average for the last few days but this morning, i had a HUGE drop....i understand that there can be a drop before your this right? or is this just one of those things, as i know you can have slight drops and rises before OV anyway.

i have slight cramping and some CM.

any thoughts? xx


  • Hi Livvys,

    I often have a few dips in temp before I actually OV. The thing is with charting, it's great to tell you when you have OVed but until you've done it for a few cycles it won't really tell you when you're about to.

    I tend to use fertility friend to chart my BBT and amazon cheapie OPK's to warn me when I'm about to!

    Here's a link to my ff home page if you want to have a look at some of my charts to see what I mean.

    Good luck! xx
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