Feel so down :cry:

Morning all,

Woke up with af pains and a BFN i have no pma..... i have all my normal af signs - feeling sick tired and crying at some of the sad post's today.....

Don't want to moan on sorry.... Didn't think we had done it what with everything going on this month prob scaired OV away :cry: :\(

I have next month to think about abnd losing more weight for my bean when it happens finally just the thought of another month i have started crying.... Hoping month 18 is the month for me......

On a happy note i have a christening soon so i tryed on my dress and......... ITS TOOOOOO BIG image image image
So OH said we could go shopping :lol:
I really thought that loosing 18lb would help this month........... Have to keep my hopes on it helping next month xx

Thank you for reading me go on.....

(((((((((hugs)))))))))) gems xxx :\(


  • Oh Gem, I'm sorry the witch is on her way. But I'm thrilled that you've lost 18lbs and your dress is too big!! I've got a wedding on the 12th and bought my dress a month ago, i'm now trying to lose a few lbs to see if i can still sqeeze in!!

    I'm sure the weight loss will help you get your BFP, good luck hun and well done again!! Sending baby dust your way xx
  • Oh gem - so sorry to hear your having a down day and you got a BFN.
    But how fab your dress is soo big - yah! always a good thing.

    big hugs

    PP84 x
  • I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down Gem, but that's such wonderful news about your weight loss, the more you lose the better chances you're giving yourself each month - 18lb is a fantastic loss, you should be so thrilled with yourself!!

    Kat xx
  • Sorry to hear you are feeling blue Gem....but good on you for losing that weight!! I wish I could lose as much as that, but you will get your bfp if you keep losing the weight so well done to you xx
  • Big hugs honey, and congratulations on the weightloss.
  • Thank you all

    At least my sons pox have taken my mind off ttc :lol:

    i am feeling a tad better about it all and enjoyed a pack of skips image

    gems x
  • 18lbs in a month?wow thats some good going girly!
    it will happen for you lovey.....hope you have a lovely time at the christening xxx
  • Remember hun you're too fab to feel down.

    So get yourself out and get a gorgeous new much smaller frock.

  • honey the weight loss is fab and every little bit will help!!! big huggles x x
  • Hi hun, sorry to hear the witch got you, congrats on the weight loss you must be so pleased and yey a chance for you to go shopping hun.

    I really hope you get your BFP next month xx
  • aw honey-thats sad...but the weight loss is great!!! Thats really,really good and WOOHOO for the shopping!!!

    x x x
  • Oh Gembags I am sorry your feeling down and got a BFN :cry: It's really not fair hun, you've been in this forum way too long now and I really want to see your BFP post very soon!!

    18lbs is an amazing loss though babe you have done great and as the other ladies have said the healthier you are the more likely you are to get that BFP! And in the mean time you get to be a gorgeous yummy mummy to your LO and go buy a lovely new dress xx
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