Think we may have missed it this month...

Well, after all the EWCM this week (5 days to be precise) I got a positive on my OPK on Friday and had ?ovulation pain on my left side for the entirity of Saturday morning. However, hubby and I BD Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday but missed Thursday and Friday imageops: In a vain attempt to try and give ourselves a chance, we checked into a premier inn on Saturday afternoon (we were away from home) and had some really raunchy BDing!!! Sorry - TMI!! :lol: I have to admit, it felt very sordid as we didnt even spend the night there, literally just a couple of hours, oops! Hubby says it was the most expensive sex he's ever had image Was definately worth it though!!!

However, back to the point image!!! Im pretty sure that we have missed our optimal time by skipping Thursday and Friday, not that it could be helped though as I was working nights and then we had to travel on Friday :roll: I think Wednesday was probably too early and Saturday was probably too late so I have decided to reside myself to the fact that July will not be the month for us :cry: Oh well, there's always next month...

Very strange though, I have ovulated on the date that I should have, should my AF arrived on time, not the 4 days later than it did this month, how bizarre!?!?!? Spot on day 14 instead of 18 as I usually ov late in the month leaving me with quite a short LP....

Congrats to the BFPs this weekend, bet you cant shift the smiles from your faces!!!!


  • MrsS, don't lose heart. Remember sperm can live for 5 days in the body, if it passes the cervix. Also your LP will stay the same length, give or take a day or two. xx
  • Hi Mithical, how are you doing? Does that mean that AF will come earlier then, the date it should have had the last one been on time?? Its all very confusing...

  • I'm ok, just starting 2ww.

    Yeah af should be sooner. If your ov is CD 18 usually, but came on CD 14. Expect af about 4 days early? How long is your cycle and LP usually? I'm guessing.....umm....30-32 days?? xx
  • No, even shorter than that, 28 days, so LP is only about 10days but AF does usually start with spotting for a day or 2. Cant believe I have caught up with you already!! Cycles are so strange!!!

  • lol

    Ok so this cycle seems to want to be arounf 24 days! I'd test at 28 though, if it was me! xx
  • Yeah, thats what Im going to aim for but dont think "testing" of any kind will be required, bit gutted really but its just one of those things. Not feeling to bad about it as I have a hen night and a wedding to go to within the next 6 weeks!!

    Thanks for your advise mithical.

  • You're welcome. I still don't think you should lose your PMA! You b'd'd before ov, so those swimmers would have been still around! Oh the mental images! lol xx
  • Like mithical says they're supposed to live up to 5 days, but if you oved sat morning then that should be good. With my lo I oved sunday afternoon and the sex was sunday evening and that was that so you never know. Sending lots of PMA!!xx
  • I really dont think you missed't.. Especially with the loads of EWCM that you say you had.
    Because even if you o'd on friday, it looks like the swimmers had a safe 'playground' to stick around while waitin for the O, and i think all my hopes are based on that..
    Oh..and after the most expensive sex you and dh had.. all you deserve now is a BFP ;\) :lol:


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