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Am i being mean and going too far??

I've put myself on a low Gi diet as it is supposed to be good for women with PCOS, I've also put my husband on the same diet as I do the shopping and I refuse to tempt myself with any junk food in the house.He say's he feels a lot better for it even though it's only been a week but i've also asked him not to have any alcohol and I'm feeling a bit mean and wondering if i'm taking it all a little bit too far!! Personally I would do anything to have a child and at very nearly 35 and with PCOS I feel that I should make every effort to improve my chances but is it fair that I ask him to do the same?? His friend thinks i'm being a bit of a demanding witch and i'm starting to get a complex that I am!!!! What do you think? Please be as honest as you like.. no offence taken!


  • Morning hun,

    Absolutely not! You are not being demanding. My DH loves a drink (well don't we all) BUT We've both agreed that if I get BFN this month we're going to really knuckle down & he's going to cut out the drink completely. Don't get me wrong, he's not an alcoholic but at our age (he's 39 next week and I'm 34 next week) we really need top maximise our chances as much as poss.
    Blimey if you're hubby's friend thinks you're bad I've banned my DH from cycling to work as we need to keep his bits cool at all times, he's constantly having brazil nuts in his lunch, we have dark green vegetables EVERY NIGHT & i give him his daily vitamins! Ha Ha, god I sound an awful wife!
    So, nope don't think you're being demanding AT ALL!

    Good luck hun
  • Hi hun i dont think theres a problem with what your asking it not as if its forvever !! image
  • Crikey hun I think it is great you are both being so good about this, tell his bloody mate to keep his nose out, I am sure if he was worried about ttc with his wife he would cut out everything he could too x
  • thanks ladies you have made me feel better! Mooker, he does have his vitamins and his brazil nuts so i don't let him off too easily lol!
    emsypops - his mate is a bit of an idiot who usually has a not very nice opinion of me but it really got to me this time, so thankyou for your positive comment x
  • no not at all,

    when TTC no1 hubby took zinc and reduced his alcohol intake, he didnt stop compleatly so if we went out he would have one or two but he stopped getting trollied and we stopped drinking at home afterall you will have to give up for a further 9 months!! hubby also gave up alcohol when i got to 37 weeks 'just in case' the baby came and he was needed to drive x
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