Been Dr's...cus i'm still feeling rubbish:(

Hey ladies,
Well after 5 days of feeling rubbish, i thought i best go dr's n get checked out. I did a pg test this morning (7dpo) which gave me a bfn. but Dr said its too early to pick anything up yet?

Gave Dr my symptoms:
*sicky feeling
*high temp
*not fussed about food or starving hungry
*tender enlarged boobs
*terrible pain at the base of my spine
*crampy pains on my lower tummy.
*swallen ankles

Dr examined me, and wants blood tests and a urine sample in the morning.

He said due to my high temp its likely i could have virus,or lack of iron due to my constant tiredness?

So Basically i think my hopes are slowely fading away...and the thought of going through all this again fills me with sadness!!

Anyway, anyone had any similar symptoms above during their 2ww?



  • Thanx K-A did u test b4 day 11? or wait until then?xxx
  • Did the dr say you could be pg? Cos I still think it's a little too early and could be your bfp?
    Did you think about when you would try and test? Maybe wait until 11dpo like KA? I remember she did test before then and got a bfn!
    You're still with a chance sweetie xx
  • B-V Yeh i told the dr that i was ttc, and he said that there is a chance i could be, but all my symptoms are very basic and didn't want me to have false hope, plus its too early to test? i will test again at 11-12 dpo (not b4) and see what's what? i have some cheap pg sticks from access diagnostics & ebay, would you recomend a different type of test?: i have some cb ones (but ive heard there not so sensitive?)

    Also i read your post on the loose women wall...yes i think your having ov signs luck!!!xxx
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