Do you test before AF arrives or wait?

As the subject says, just wondering?


  • hiya, i always test the day AF is due... or a couple of days after if i can wiat that long.... havent done that yet tho! ahaha. just bcoz if i test b4 af is due, and then get a bfn, i still think ooo maybe im pg, its just to early to come up, then i end up testing again..... and again..... lol until af comes, then i get all sad and upset. so i test on the day af is, so its probly gonna be accurate, and i dont spend a fortune on pg tests lol. but its personal choice really! good luck! xxxx
  • Hi id wait till the day your af is due or hold out till the day of so after( if you can!). With my other pg i tested to early and was bfn but did it again after 3 days and got a bfp!yay. The longer you wait the better.
    Luv clare
  • Yes as the girls replied the longer u can wait the better.

    I say that but do the opposite :P I tested at 7DPO this cycle !!! :P BFN ofcourse .... i am CD1 today
  • its hard to wait, but its better to try...good luck with holding out.
  • I wait until I think I'm late [irregular-ish cycle so never know for sure when AF is due].
  • No point testing before AF due - I tested the day before and got bfn, 2 days later got a really strong positive. Both with first response as well so you would have thought i'd have got an accurate result one day before!
  • I did, but only because I had very strong symptoms. tested three days before AF was due as I already knew it'd be a BFP.

    If i didn't have the symptoms I wouldn't have tested until missed AF.
  • i never test early,seen too many dissapointed/heartbroken ladies with it and its enough to put me off

    always best to wati chick x
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