Shes got me again!!!

Says it all really-didn't think I'd done it this time and af has started to make an appearance, which means that my birthday is going to be spent in pain-cow!
I shall let my donor know but I think ov is going to be right in the middle of christmas so I think it may be a rest month.
Roll on 2010 and a bfp!!!


  • Aggr today well and truly sucks as far as that witch goes! She always manages to find me on my b'day but I take it as an excuse to scoff more chocolate and cake image
    Sorry she got you hjanea- you sound like you've got the right attitude. I say you sit and wait for that bearded man on 24th and when he arrives you jump on him and demand a new year bean!! lol

    Anything planned for tomorrow? x

  • PS I mean Santa, not your donor although jumping on him too would obviously help image
  • Ah sorry she got you too H.. She is very busy today isn't she :evil:

    You make sure you have extra chocolate and wine on your birthday and make an early toast to a 2010 bean x
  • LOL MrsF!!! Don't really fancy jumping on my donor to be honest!!! He did give me a donation last christmas eve which was a bit wierd spending christmas eve with my donor!!! Even if he's available it'll be hard fitting it in as I'm working til 8 christmas eve and then have to get dd to bed and sound asleep before I can be santa!! I had to tell her my donor was coming last year as I didn't want her to hear him and think it was santa!!!
  • hjanea i am so sorry she got you she is such a mean witch
    look's like she has been out and about this morning
    Hope you have a 2010 bean xxx
  • I'm sorry helen, I think 2010 is going to be our year! x x
  • sorry hun, roll on
  • Sorry to hear that, here's to 2010!
  • sorry to hear that - roll on 2010
  • sorry to hear that Helen - 2010 HAS to be your year!! xx
  • Sorry to hear that babs, AF is a real mean heartless b***h. (((((hugs))))) xxx
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