Hi hun,

So how was it at the docs?

Where are you up to?

I am convinced I ov'd last month naturally so if I can do it - I'm sure you can! I'm not sure how I did it - but there's always hope! I think healthy eating and stuff has really helped me - even though I have a BMI thats ideal - I wanted to lose a few pounds - about 6-9lbs - then was going to go shopping and treat myself when my friend comes over to visit. I think I also stopped caring a little - then I noticed ewcm - but didn't do anything about it as OH was working late and I thought I was imagining things anyway! then 14 days later my af arrived!

So now I'm hoping i can keep up the healthy living this month - lose a couple more pounds - and hopefully ov with the help of clomid!

Tell me whats happening with you hun - are you being tested for PCOS?



  • Hi MummyWannaBe,
    I don't go till this Thurs. The doc said back in Feb that if i didn't get a reg af by May to go back and he'll do further checks so its May and i'm going back. Really good to hear that you ov naturally and hopefully you'll concieve naturally and have a happy healthy pregnancy really soon. I'll let you know how i get on on Thurs. I really do keep thinking i've got PCOS as i think i have some of the symptons.
  • Hey hun!
    What symptons do you have that make you think you have PCOS? Though to be honest if you do have PCOS - it's not a major this to fix - but it does depend on what doc you've got - you may have one that could perscribe a low dose of clomid - or you may be referred to the ferility clinic! If this is the case - then I would recommend seeing a private doc - but it's up to you - you may have to save a bit first!

    Try not to worry hun - there are things you can do to help PCOS naturally! And the best thing in the world is knowledge - so I'd google it and read as much as you can! I have read loads on PCOS - and I think I'm a bit wiser!

    If you have any questions on PCOS - feel free to ask hun!

    Take care - and good luck for tomorrow.

  • My symptons are lack/irregular af. Acne on chin, forehead and back and chest. 3 random hairs growing out of my chin which i have to keep attacking with the tweezers. Hopefully the docs will tell more once i've had my new blood tests. Thanks hun for your support.
  • Hey thats ok hun! I hope everything goes well with the tests - keep us posted!
    Take care

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