Af question

Hey chicka's

how's your Saturday been?

I am on my second day of spotting! Do I count yesterday as cd1 or the day it's full flow! I never really know!!

So confusing



  • I think you count the first day of full flow as day 1 x
    Been painting today and now settling down to watch titanic with hubby. Well im watching whilst on here and hubby uis playing with his iphone so not really watching it. Hows your saturday been?
  • I asked my doctor the same question yesterday and she said it should be the first day you see blood. Hope that helps.
  • Think I have another day or so as it's only really red tinged cm !!! Sorry tmi!

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi JC,
    Had busy shift today at work and my back is killing me. image
    I thought it was when you had full flow then it was CD01 but loobylou's dr said when you first spot so im quite confused. Depends how much i suppose.

  • I'm confused too and always have been...I always thought it was full flow until I asked doc. I've been using it is a rough guide anyway, and adding on a few days of BD either end just to be sure.......
  • Hi, this is total back-yard biology, but I've always assumed it was the first day you see blood (spotting) My reason being that our hormones have at that point shifted to tell the uterus to start shedding.
  • you have a good point there spikesma!!

    given the crippling pains i'm having at the mo i think i may count tomorrow as CD1!!

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