Beginning to think my CBFM isn't working or maybe I'm not...

Hi ladies.
I posted on here last weekend as his is my first cycle using the CBFM (clearblue fertility monitor) and I was still on a low.

People were very helpful and told me to wait patiently and it would happen but now CD21 and still on low, not had any highs and certainly no peak image. I only have 5 more test sticks left and then I will have done the full 20 this month. I'm beginning to think I'm not going to ovulate this month, either that or the blooming thing isn't working (mind you I've had no symptoms of OV).

So ladies, has anyone else experienced this? What happens when I have run out of sticks, will it stop asking me to test and I just assume I won't OV?

Please help, I'm getting myself all worked up that something isn't quite right with me. I was told when I was 17 I would prob have issues conceiving naturally due to erratic periods and I'm terrified that after 5 months of trying, they may well have been right image.



  • on your first and 2nd month using it,it will use the 20 sticks,it may not have thought it was strong enough to result in a high or peak...the first month with the cbfm is really it getting to know your cycles

    how long are your cycles?are you using FMU also?

    i no it seems long 5 months but a normal healthy couple can take 12-18 months to conceive so please try not to stress to much just now hunni x
  • Thanks for replying Grudie. Yeah I am using FMU -up at stupid o'clock on weekends to do it within my window!!
    Not sure about my cycles - only had 2 in past 6 months. One was 100+ days and the other was 37. Hoping they will regulate soon.
    I guess I need to relax a bit and not panic too much - just when you hear so many people saying they got loads of highs in 1st cycle makes you worry a little.
    I know realistically 5 months isn't long and many people take a lot longer, but patience is something I'm not good at lol! And also the conversation with my consultant 10 years ago really haunts me - he advised me to have kids under the age of 25 if wanted the greatest chance of conceiving! And well not exactly old now but certainly wasn't ready when I was in early 20s!!

    Anyway thanks for replying - it's nice to have people to chat to -stops me driving hubby insane!!
    Good luck TTC x
  • Hi I am using cbfm and I think it may just be your cycles are not regular. I am on my 2nd month with it and last month I got high CD20 and peak at CD21/22. I am not CD15 and hoping to ov a little earlier this month. I also agree with Grudie that the maching is just getting used to your hormone levels throughout the month and will knoe what you peak is next month. I would also have some more sticks ready in case it asks you to go past 20.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks MrsMel - nice to know I'm not too odd then! Fingers crossed you peak earlier this month, and that hopefully I will too - although semi hoping I peak really late at CD28 as then at least hubby will be home to make the most of it!
    Littlewolf - I know it's no good for long cycles, but after my relatively normal last cycle I kinda hoped I was regulating a bit after coming off the pill. I really hope I don't have cycles longer than 42 days tbh!!! I don't mind irregular as with the CBFM I should be able to pinpoint OV, just not seriously long!!
    Thanks for your support ladies x
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