CD19 and not sure if I've OV'd :-( Now with pic of chart!


Been using to chart my BBT and CM. I had 'green lights' and 'most fertile' marked on my chart from CD 13 - 18 just from the CM observations, but according to my BBT ovulation hasn't been detected yet!!

I'm taking my temp with a digital thermometer as soon as I wake up, before I even get out of bed so it can't be that my BBT has been affected by me taking it at different times each day. I have had a few peaks but nothing dramatic.

I'm now on CD19 and it says 'probably not fertile' from the CM observations.

Does anyone else have any experience of this? Could it be that I haven't ovulated yet or is it more likely that for whatever reason my temperature rise may not be as marked as most womens.

I'm just panicking that I'm not ovulating so I'll never get a BFP!! :\?

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  • Have you got a link to your chart so we can take a look?
  • Not sure how to post a link to it so I've tried uploading a picture of it! Hopefully this will work!

  • There is a general upwards line but they are very jaggy. I think if your temp goes up tomorrow it might say you ovulated on day 17. Hold on in there!
  • Thanks Lemon Cupcake! I'm just sooooo anxious about it! I'm a bit of a science geek as well as being a complete control freak. I'm loving the charts and graphs but I hate that I don't have complete control over the whole TTC business!!
  • hi hun, mine done this, my temp dipped at 2dpo and then rose again. after it had risen for 2 days ff gave me ov. give it a couple of days hun and it should log you as ovulated. if that makes

    Yeeeaaaayyyyyy!!! I entered this morning's data and it has put me as 3dpo!! Thank you Lemon Cupcake and Angel100 for your advice!!

    I'm just a natural worrier and I was starting to think I don't ovulate!

    Excellent, now I can turn my paranoia onto symptom spotting! image
  • i was the same this month, i was so sure i had ov'd but my temps dropped so i was so glad when it logged

    gembags has started a symptom spotting post, come join us.xxxx
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