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  • hi hun,
    I think there is a bit of the green eyed monster in all of us.
    I feel like this when I see people in the street with babies and I sometimes find myself staring at the babies. Im going to get a name for myself if im not careful.
    I think hun, you have to remember that this person is your friend, your best friend and i dont think she would have got pregnant just to hurt you and make you jealous.
    tell her how you feel. She should understand.
    Take care hun
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  • maybe you should tell her that you are ttc? she will probably be really supportive and helpful! I just found out a friend at work is pg, and I do feel happy for her, but at the same time sad for me, it's weird feeling both ways at the same time, quite glad that it's not all negative feeling though and that I am able to feel happy for her at least a bit!
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  • It isn't always fair that some people manage to get pg without even trying and others do everything 'right' and still dont get that bfp. You are not alone in feeling envious of your friend. I'm in exactly the same position with my best freind pg with her 2nd. She only took 2 tries. (ist happened 1st go) I have been desperate to get pg quick so our babies can be a similar age but every month takes this idea further away. So... I've come to the conclusion it will happen when the time is right for us - not to fit in with other people however nice that would be. You do sound like you do need to relax a bit but that is so much easier to say than do.

    take care and remember you are not the only one feeling this way.
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  • Day deamer i know the feeling. My best mate has not long annouced that she is pregnant and me and OH are also trying. The thing is over the last few years i've had watch loads is people have babies (14 last year) but now my time has come and i'm well excited but obviously i have kept it to myself (except best mate who's pg knows) and all my other mates who keep saying when when when. I know its hard but your time will come - soon - along with the rest of us triers lol

    Concentrate on the wedding and have a fab day cos it will be over before you know it and remember its your day.
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  • Although we are green eye monsters we dont mean it in a nasty way - we are happy but just wish it was us !!!

    I must have put my poor husband through hell is my moaning over the last year or so.
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