Is it just me ? - AF issues

Just a bit of a moan again!

Ever since coming off the pill my af symptoms start nearly week or so before.

I get really bloated belly, cramps. really sore , heavy (.)(.), feel quite sick etc. At first (specially 1st month of ttc) I thought they were signs of pg ( it was all new to me), but now I know it is an AF on the way.
At first I thought it was just cos I came off the pill, but its been 6 months and its been just as bad.

While I was on the pill it was easy, nowdays I swear my AF symptoms start a whole week before, cramping is worst!! And colour just drains from my face, I look sooo tired!

My oh always gets surprised (can't belive that I feel so bad a whole week before)

I wanted to go to the gym today, but I feel so week, i couldn't go...

Anyone else feels the same or similar? Or is it just me?



  • i feel like sh*t for a week or so before and considering i'm only on for 2 days, i think its ridiculous! i get really bloated, then very sore boobs which hurt to even lean down, a painful back and the most evil pmt ever!the wierd thing is that i never got sore boobs until we started ttc, now i get them every month. random!xx
  • Me too!!! My (.)(.) get heavy and sore 4 days after I ov, and then I start going down hill from there, I get cravings for sweet things, relaly tired, bloated tummy etc. Its not nice, if it were pg signs I could put up with it but Ive been experiencing this since coming off the pill over a year ago!!!
  • lol im the same as you, my boobs feel a bit heavy at the moment, which usually happens a week before af arrives, but im trying to keep positive. x
  • Im curious to know if we still get all these when we get our bfp or if they will disappear?
  • i get symptoms a week before as well.i get cramps for about 7 days and pmt for up to a week. I also have only been properly bleeding for 2 days but then spotting for up to 10 more. Anyone else get this? only been like it for past 3 months or so x x
  • Hi,

    All of these symptoms probably seem worse because we've been so used to the pseudo-periods on the pill. You never have a real period while on the pill so perhaps this is why its so different?

    Certain things like starflower oil, agnus cstus and evening primrose oil are all taken to reduce these symptoms which are a mild form of PMS although for some ladies I know PMS can be awful and they have only 1 good week a month! Eek!

    As for me I have the cramps, sometimes hot flushes, exhaustion, nausea and ibs type symptoms. When my endometriosis is in flare up it becomes a bloody nightmare as my flow is so heavy and the pain is crippling. image

    Having no periods will certainly be a welcome benefit of being pg!!! image
    Oh the joys of being female...!
  • Glad I am not the only one. I actually thought something was wrong with me, as I never had such extreme symptoms as now after the pill.
    It was really confusing in the begining because they are so much like pg symptoms..
    angleheart my AF is around 5 days, but then I get some spoting usually day CD 8-10 which at first I thought was implatation bleed, but since then learnt it wasn't (too early)..
    Really what I ve learnt in past 6 months is how my body works by itself (without the pill) and I've now learnt that all those symptoms that I got excited about all these months are actually AF symptoms!
  • Naturelle, I know exactly what you mean!
    I have been driving myself nuts thinking all of this feeling rough is a sign of pg.

    I feel like such a numpty but it feels so so different to before!? I'm also very happy to read this isn't just me doing this.image

    Fingers crossed we will all get easier periods soon or a bfp! image
    For now I am continuing to pop the starflower - surely something that sounds so pretty should make me feel better...?
  • Robin you never know they might be pg symptoms for you.. Fingers crossed for you!

    It is only that I've been experiencing them for so many months that now I know they are AF symptoms.
    One of my close friends got her bfp few months ago and
    it was a first month when she actually had NO symptoms.
    Quite a few ladies in ttc section had said the same.
    So I think the month I have no symptoms I'll feel hopefull!

    Starflower, yes sounds so pretty (it would make nice profile name image
  • Sorry you're feeling crap! I'm lucky I don't really get bad symptoms of af. Just crampy a day or two before. Fingers crossed for your bfp soon! xx
  • angelheart you sound just like me - really long light af for the last few months (since March for me). I went to the doctors because of it and mentioned I had been ttc for a year - they ran tests because they thought I have Thyroid problems which turns out I do, but probably not the cause of the weird afs - he just told me to lose weight (very helpful hey?!) so still not sure what's causing the strange afs. xx
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