faint line on pt but not sure if its just evaporation line

i did test last night and after 5-6 mins a faint pink line showed up the test instructions said to read test after 5 mins but it didnt say when to disregard results so not sure if it is evaporation line..... i did another test this morning and was bfn so i really dont know what to think. af due sat and im at 16 dpo today (my luteal phase is 18 days) . iv got really sore bbs and some mild cramping on right side also have got sore throat and runny nose dont know if thats a sypmtom or not?
i spent ages online last night researching evaporation lines and mostly its thought that they wouldnt show up as a colour just grey, yellow or colourless??? not sure!!!
maybe i should stop being a poas addict and just wait and see if the witch comes

baby dust x


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