Evening Girlies x

Does anyone use this?If so what do you think?

Just tried it out myself and thought it was pretty decent for a phone app and not too complicated for a newbie like me...id love to use fertilityfriend or something similar but was a bit out of my depth when i had a look last lol

x x x


  • I started using it this month I think it is excellent very handy just to keep track of things.
  • Ooh thanks for the tip-off,I'm downloading it as I type!I just note mine in my iphone calendar normally but this makes it easier! image

  • It is brilliant, I got the paid one, I fell pregnant within 3 months of using it. Unfortunately I mc at 10 weeks so will be back to using it again!
    Also once you are pregnant both the ipregnant (think that is 59p) and the what to expect (free)apps are good.
  • ah thanks for the heads up about the pregnancy ones DM...lets hope we get our BFPs soon and can download them image xx
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