EWCM 5days apart?? so confused. help!

Hiya girls well I was expecting to ov really anywhere form sat to tues (cd14-17) My cycle before mmc was 27 days and the one after was 30 days. I had a teeny bit of ewcm over weekend( really just dots of it) and a larger ammount on monday. Last night (thurs) I had quite an intense pain low down on my left side so I thought it could be one of 2 things: ovulation or implantation! I had this pain the cycle I got pregnant and 10 days later got my bfp so it still could have been either. This morning I had more ewcm when I wiped, so 5 days after the last lot! Do you think it was ov?? Anyone else had this?
We bd tues last night and prob will tonight now so if it was late ov we should hopefully catch just means I'll have to wait 10 days to poas now arrrgh!
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