CD 1 buddys, AF is here, about time!!!

Hi everyone AF as come today, but in a funny way i am happy, as i was 3 weeks late and been to doctors about pains i was getting, and going for scans on june for Ovarian cyst the doctors thinks the pain is from, So here i am Happy that i am on CD 1 and ready to ttc again this month, anyone want to be a buddy.

Baby dust to you all


  • GL! I think i'm a few days after you - AF is due Monday/Tuesday but close enough? I know she's coming as DH has been gone for 4 weeks so no chance of being pregs....

    Maybe we'll have February babies!!!!

  • I finished my pill last night so AF will be Monday-Friday. Will Monday be classed as CD 1 for me after coming off my pill or not? Forgive me, all new to this xx

  • Hi PinkH glad you know things are working etc. Good luck this month. I'm expecting withdrawal bleed from last pill packet starting tues/wed so is that close enough to join you as cycle buddy? Would love a feb baby, although it will be our first month ttc so prob unlikely.

    Shoegal, as far as I know from picking up things on her CD1 is the first day of AF whether withdrawal or not. Hth?


  • hi ladys nice to see got some buddys, yes the CD1 is the first day you start your AF, good luck to all you ladys this month, lets all have Feb babys image

  • hey PinkH got first af after having implant removed today the 1st, so a day behind you, hoping they'll go back to normal straight away !!!! good luck!
  • I'm with you! On cd1 today (booo!)
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