Santa forgot.........

My AF or BFP

Tested and got a BFN i am now CD30 of usually 27/28days only time i was late was when i OV late and AF was late.

I feel totally fine same as any day AF not due no pains sore boobs etc
All i have is EWCM and i mean a few peoples worth (sorry) and i have been feeling a bit sick and so so tired but i was up early with my boy.

Merry Christmas Hope Everyone is having fun xxxxxxx

gems x


  • Same here gembags image tested this morning and bfn! No af and I'm on cd40 image sore nipples have gone and cramping has gone (had brown cm and weird af type pains last week) that's why I was so sure but maybe not! Stupid body lol sucks doesn't it?! I was so depressed ate loads of blue cheese and have been having Lots of wine and chocolate! Oooops!! Hope you had a good Xmas with your family image x x x
  • lol lest i am noy alone image

    My OH is working so today i have been doing my washing and hoovering :lol:
    So bored x
    I am off to drink my body wieght in wine image image

    Gems x hahahaha x
  • Me too!!

    Just been spotting for last few days - don't reckon I am pregnant but no idea when to count CD1 as.

    Ah well. Have enjoyed a few glasses a wine and am gonna try and just forget about it for now.

    Good luck everyone!
  • Hope its a shy bfp.
  • Hi Gembags, hope you had a nice Christmas. I am the same, no AF and tested and got a BFN. No symptoms either except EWCM and really really bad heartburn that makes me feel sick!! I am sure AF will come soon, but this bit where I don't know what is going on is horrible!!

    Fingers crossed for your BFP xx
  • Hi everyone, same thing happened to me and today I woke to af 5 days late she was due 21st and had a bit of spotting not full flow, xmas eve had same thing again then it disappeared this morning there it was again, am still not sure if she is here to stay but i think with the pains I am having she is here so do I count today as CD1??

    I hope you all get your bfp soon xx
  • hi hun, my af came xmas eve image however i know someone who was a week late, took 3 different hpts all bfns but went to docs ans she was preggers so keep chin up sometimes they just dont show...xxxx
  • snugglenush cd 1 is first day of proper flow, not spotting, so still hope yet!
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