What is happening???? :-(

HI everyone again, doing know if some read my other post, about me having a faint line on FR Thursday, then again on Friday. as i just have the sickness and the pain really low on the left hand side and sort of knew i was, well felt it, and now, i tested Sunday and nothing, but i feel still the same, what is happening. i am due on Wednesday, and tested again today, NOT PREGNANT, waiting for AF to come and hope better next month, and i am telling my self i WILL NOT TEST EARLY AGAIN. as i think i have had a early MC, and i would not have got my hopes up if i had waiting, will listen to you next time ladys.


  • Did u use a clear blue digital this time? X
  • Yes love went and got one, and waited 2 mins and NOT PREGNANT came up, so that is for this month, i still feel funny like i did with my first, sickness on and off, for about 5 days had this, pulling pain really low on the left side, dizzy sometimes, breast feel funny, lot of stuff but a BFN.
    Keep my chin up next month when AF shows ;\)

  • Clear blue digital are not very strong, you won't get a positive one until past when your af is due!! It takes some people to 18dpo to get a pregnant on one of those bad boys....

    Af cramps are a signal of pregnancy so don't worry too much. I'd use superdrug own brand tests, they are cheaper then fr and stronger. Xx
  • yes i am going to hold out NOW lol, till Af turns up, if not here next week will test again, on a cheaper one lol, just hope all this sickness and tender breasts, and dizzyness it that and i just hope it will show up to be that i am pregnant, (i hope :\? ), if not AF will show before then, and i can get cracking again.

    Thanks baby - princess,

  • No problem, I hope your ickle beany stays put xxx
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