sorry tmi and possibly clutching straws here but...

5 DPO and i have LOADS of cm! Its sticky and white and i constantly feel wet? I dont know if this is a sign? AF not due for another 9 days so dont usually get any symptoms of that yet but then again maybe i do and ive just never noticed before? Like i said im clutching at straws here lol

No other symptoms at all, just praying the witch stays away! xx


  • Sounds good!! The witch was due yesterday for me but there is still no sign of her but like you I constantly feel wet almost like she is here but she definitely isnt!! So confusing!!

    GOOD LUCK!! image

  • Good luck to you both!! x
  • Good luck ladies xx
  • Hi Little_button, I got my BFP today at 14DPO and I've loads of creamy CM since ovulation which is something I don't normally get after OV.
    Hope it's a good sign for you x
  • Bless you!! It sounds good after what donna2004 experienced! Good luck!! x
  • With my 1st I had TONS of cm.. I honestly was confused on where it could all come from. This continued pretty much throughout my pregnancy and had to wear panty liners and pads through the 9 months.
    Fingers crossed for you!

  • ooo thanks girls trying not too get my hopes up too much got a while before i can test! xx
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