sex every night!

does anyone just have sex every night so not to miss a chance?! i hear of this " every few days" or "only when im ovulating" but i conceived dd after 3 months of sex pretty much every night and i plan on conceiving the same way this time! ;\)


  • It's up to you how you ttc if sex every night works then go for it!
    We can't have sex every night as dh and I work shifts
    I did read tho that you don't get as good sperm quality if you have sex every night, every other day is recommended to acheive the best sperm
    good luck and happy bding!!!! Xx
  • We're using a CBFM and are BDing once for every day that I'm on a high and will be BDing twice on the days that I get my peaks! Other than that it's up to OH when we have sex :lol: xxx
  • we are BDing more in my fertile week and then just when we want the rest of the time. but i work 12 hrs a day 5 days a week! i would need to be superwoman to do it everyday! plus dont was BDing to become a night time routine like brushing my teeth!! lol xxx
  • just realised how bad my post sounded.. sorry girls, didnt mean to come across like that!!

    every other night sounds better to me!! dh is now claiming i only want him for his "navy seals!"

    i work too and i come home so tired.. but keep thinking how much i want dd to have a little brother or sister and it spurs me on!! image
  • you're post didn't sound bad hun! You're just eager, we all are :lol: xxx
  • lol thanks tinkerbell, yeah we all are!! image

    ive got til 19th august to wait to test.. grrr!!! impatient! hehe
  • thanks sherbertfizz image since having dd our sex life has never been what it used to be... image trying to get it back on track but i will be honest, it is purely selfish reasons!! lol! XXX
  • lol, its not cheesy, i know what you mean!! image
  • Im testing 19th August too. We have been at it every other night since af stopped and as from last night will be at it every night for the next week to try and catch ov and then back to every other night.

    I know it sounds abit "routine" but as long as OH is happy its great.
  • haha yeh, they are happy eh!!

    oooh your testing 19th aug too! do you reckon you will crack and test early?! let me know if u do!! hehe!

    yeh, we have done it every night now, although last night we didnt as i couldnt prize him off his ps3 dammit!

    got ov sticks but they say im still not ovulating but its meant to be this week so will be every night now!! hehe image
  • I really wasnt up for it a few days ago but oh was super horny and said "I thought you wanted a baby" so I actually said "ok then jump on" haha how embarassing!!

    Im going to try not to test early, but I dont think I will be able to hold out that long, but I will definatly let you know, then you can tell me to wait lol

    Im not using ov sticks this month but if I get BFN i will start using them.
  • hahaha! we kinda have the same thing...its kindof a "come on then and do what you have to do!" hahaha image

    i will do the same then... and you ill have to tell me to wait!! i will do a FAO wantapinkbump!! infact... whats ur name?? lol
  • My name is Samantha, I'll put up a FAO aswell, I'm really excited and positive about this month. I've just got a feeling
  • hello samantha! hehe :d

    im hoping august is our month!! keep each other posted!!!
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