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I've been. Scared to go to the loo All day in case AF has rocked up. And I'm scared to take my temp tomorrow in case it has dropped! Mad I know!


  • im the same smithyswife!! forgot to take temp this morning so now convinced it was probably down, even though there is still no sign of af
  • I know how you feel. AF due tomorrow for me too and keep feeling wet down there (sorry TMI!) and keep running to loo to check the witch hasn't arrived. God I really hope she doesn't turn up tomorrow, the last few months i've got excited and hopeful and then gutted so trying not to expect too much and not jinx it hopefully! Not sure what to think but had some stringy yellowish blood tinged CM (again sorry TMI) this morning. so hope this isn't a bad sign.

    Good luck to us both and fingers crossed for BFPs!

    Amy. xx
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