Babymaking is the most frustrating thing in the world!!

Hello ladies im just here to rant and rant how frustrating it is to concieve a little miracle. Before TTC i never thought itd be soooooo hard to concieve a baby! My god its so hard, you have to be bloody lucky to get lucky lol. We're 4 months TTC and im very very impatient and want a baby now now now! lol. Sorry ladies im just aching for my very own little bundle of joy, to hear the women cheer about their BFP is great news but heartbreaking at the same time. I cant physically cross any more fingers or toes!!!!!! xx:\?


  • Hi kimdxx, i kno what u mean! We have been tryin 4 months but i stil havent had a propert af since stoppin my pill in feb. Its depressin. I'm gettin married 2 wks 2moro though so i'm hopin that it may jst be takin ages cos i'm a little stressed even tho i dont feel it!. How reg r u? when did u stop takin pill/conraception? xx
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