Can anyone help? No AF & BFN....

Evening ladies,

Hoping someone can help as nothings happening!

AF was due Friday but hasn't arrived. I got a smiley fmu cd22 (30th Nov).

I normally get a bit of pinky cm a day or 2 before AF which gets heavier until AF arrives properly. Saturday I had a few cramps and again yesterday (sun) and got some pink cm last night. Today I've had some cramping but hardly any cm at all - not really worth mentioning.

Since a couple of days after ov I've had really sore (.)(.), food has tasted funny, smells have been really odd and strong and I've had waves of nausea and dull crampy type aches. These symptoms went a day or 2 before AF was due.

Hubby is freaking me out saying maybe I was pregnant but am having a miscarriage.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? So fed up of waiting now just wish the witch would come so we can get started on next month!



  • Hi hun,

    I think you should hold out a little longer. I got a BFN 13DPO, then a BFP 17DPO, (unfortunetly the BFP wasn't to be and I mc at 6 weeks). From what I work out you're still only 14DPO so it may be a shy bean.

    Good luck

  • Hi Rainbow,
    How you doing now? Nice to see you in here xx

    Is it possible to have AF symptoms when pregnant?

    To be honest I've lost all hope of a BFP but I just don't understand wth is going on down there!
  • Hey keep smiling and stay positive - like rainbow said it could just be a shy bean.
    Fingers crossed for you
  • don't want to put a downer on things but this happened to me last month... I was over a week late and had various 'symptoms' but then AF appeared and I was gutted!!
    But like rainbow said it could be a shy bean and I'll keep everything crossed for you! xxx
  • Cheers ladies x

    Becks you're not putting a downer on anything - I'm quite a realist.
    I got really upset yesterday when I started getting AF symptoms - but not because I hadn't got a bfp but because I felt like a complete loon and now think I must have imagined the symptoms!
  • bless you, i was gutted last month cos my symptoms seemed so much like pg.. but then AF showed up. I have decided that I am not intepreting ANYTHING as a pg symptom until I have a BFP. At least I'll try not to!!
    Fingers crossed for you, it could still be a BFP! xx
  • I'm Ok thanks MrsFozz, I'm around quite a lot, but don't tend to post much these days xxx
  • I wouldn't mind but I've tried to be realistic - I had so many other 'symptoms' but decided only to count the ones I don't get each month. Everytime I so much as sneezed hubby was like 'oooh that could mean you're pregnant' bless him.

    I just want my AF dag nam it!!!

  • bless your hubby, mine is the same..... he thinks EVERYTHING is a possible pg symptom! x
  • Fingers crossed for you! Let us know how you get on xx
  • I was the same last month, AF was late and getting PG symptoms....I hope that you get your BFP - don't give up hope image
  • Morning ladies,

    Still nothing! aggggr I have one test left so if still nothing by the weekend I'll test then.

    I honestly do think AF is just late- thats gotta be sods law with 1st month TTC!

    In answer to your questions WG - I used the clear blue digital ov sticks and you get a smiley face instead of a line. I tested using FMU- first morning urine. This was my 1st month pin pointing ovulation so I'm not sure about my luetal phase really, especially as AF hasn't arrived. I was working on the assumption of 12 days but maybe I ov'ed late this cycle hence AF being late.

    Anyone seen my AF? :roll:

  • It's so frustrating pet. Hope you get either a BFP or AF soon (preferably the former!). We stopped 'preventing' a pregnancy mid-October and my AF was over a week late that first time! I was so excited thinking I was pregnant but test after test came back negative and it was so disheartening, I was relieved when AF did eventually put in an appearance!
    Good luck pet, hopefully you've just got a shy little bun in the oven! x
  • FINALLY!!!!!!
    Decided to show her face tonight! Actually feel really gutted and frustrated at this random long cycle.
    Hoping next months will be shorter x
  • Sorry to hear the witch got you, good luck for next month and keep the rude veg!! just incase it is a good luck charm.

    Hugs xx
  • Well enjoy Christmas now and better luck for Jan xx
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