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Hi all

So I said I was having a few days off here and I have had alot of time to think. I did think I might still be in with a chance as mon started spotting/bleeding but there wasnt enough for a tampon to be used it was light pink and brown colour but thur morning CD45 bam woke up and the bloody WITCH had landed.

I was crushed to say the least, its really heavy and some clots so am not exactly sure what happened. I am so sick of this happening to me and I know its only been 3 months of actual trying but with iregular cycles it makes everything so much harder.

My cycles started off at 35 days up until Dec then went to 40 and then jan they were 45 I had a feeling this cycle would go to 45 days because the last one did and I can honestly say this is the heaviest af I have had since coming off the pill so I only hope that maybe my body is readjusting and is going to stop messing me about image

I had a good long talk with hubby we arent trying at the moment we are just going to try and focus on other things and if it happens it happens. I dont know what I am going to do without any buddies tho :lol: especially the GOLDEN GIRLS!! he he you know who you are!!!

So i will be on from time to time but probably not posting much, babydust to all and thats my story/situation at the moment.

PS its only 9 weeks until my hol so am thinking now we will just relax and have some married time until after hol and hopefully aim for a 2011 baby image

SD image


  • Sounds like a good plan SD...Sorry to hear you're not going to be here very often, but I'm sure relaxing for a bit will make it happen & the process will be much more enjoyable image

    Take care honey image
    Baby dust & good luck to you x x x
  • Oh hun, I wondered where you were, just this morning I was asking Jay if she'd heard from you.

    Sorry it didn't work out this month for you. You know you may be right about your af adjusting, all we can do is just keep trying and when the time is right I guess it'll happen (I hate people saying that to me but I do believe it I suppose!), I wish it would bloody hurry up tho!!!!!:x

    Well hun I'm off on my hols too at the end of May so maybe we'll hit the jackpot while we're out of town.
  • Enjoy your holiday and who knows you may a little surprise 9 months later!!! :\)
  • Its nice to hear from you, I have been looking around for you.

    I have heard from people that when you relax about it all and not think about it, then it usually happens. I hope this happens to you.
    Yesterday i had a terrible day at work i was so shattered,then i went to 1 of my pole dancing lessons and i didnt even think about TTC very much and it was strange just didnt feel so important to me at the time and i felt my happy usual self
    But then i came on BE afterwards and it all came back to me.
    I really need to drag myself away from this site and i can understand how you feel sometimes, It really does us some good when we have a break. All this TTC can really wear us down.

    Also just wanted to say thanks for the advise and support you have given me.
    Best of luck with TTC and i hope you have a lovely time on your honeymoon. image


  • I'm so sorry to hear that. If you were getting +ve tests (even faint ones) then it could be a very early miscarriage / chemical pregnancy (when there's an egg fertilised, but it doesn't implant). Your period being heavier might point to that, too.

    I had a similar thing happen last November, faint lines but definitely +ve.

    If you think that could be the case it'd be worth seeing your GP. S/he wouldn't be able to to anything but could at least record it in your notes which means if you ever have problems in the future (which there's no reason to think you would!) it might prompt them to treat you more quickly x
  • Hi SD, So sorry to hear it, I thought the same as beccaroo maybe it was a chemical pregnancy?
    My fingers will be crossed for you, I hope it happens soon, enjoy your holiday! xxx
  • MPP - its not my honeymoon chick, had that last year its a 2ndmoon!! he he!!

    I did think it was maybe a mmc or chemical pregnancy but have tried to put it to the back of my mind.

  • Oh SD-Im so sorry that you went through that, i was hoping that after my absence on here i'd come back to lots more BFPs. I hope that this will happen on your 2ndmoon!!!

    x x x
  • Hey chook, sorry to hear that. But just think how relaxed you'll be on your holiday, you'll prob get your bfp then! Will miss you hun. SD babydust still makes me laugh everytime I open a SD test! xxx
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