CBFM - worth it?

I've been reading quite a lot of reviews about the CBFM and was wondering if anyone has found it worth it?
Is it a personal reading or a bit like Persona that guesses when you're Ov'ing?

Any help making the investment decision would be appreciated!


  • Hi tashy, I'm in my 2nd month of using a cbfm. Personally it's helped me alot, and pin points the exact day I ov. I found opk's less reliable as very often I would have several days if dark lines? My oh half was working away wen I got my 2nd peak last month, but we gave both managed to
    get time off work this month around my ov? So after 9 months ttc I'm prepared to try anything?
    I find the cbfm much more accurate, easy to use and read, with clear indecations of when you are most fertileimage hope
    that helps a little? Xxx
  • I think they are great - I used mine when ttc no1 and it does really help you get to know your cycle. Only downside is that you can put yourself under a bit too much pressure to bd when you get your peaks. Ironically, we conceived the month we went on hols and left the cbfm at home. We are now ttc no2 and I've decided to go it alone to start off with.

    HTH x
  • for me it worked a treat, i got my BFP 1st time using it last time after 10 months trying without it, i am on my 1st cycle using it for no2 and hoping its just as magic,

    i got mine second hand from ebay, it not worth the ??100 in the shops x
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