Hiya :)

Hi All,
Im new on here so thought id say hi...
me and hubby have been trying for a baby for 12months now with no success, v hard to stay positive but am clinging on in there !!
Hope everyone's okay
Soph xx


  • hello and welcome! this is mine and hubbys 1st month of ttc! i hope this forum is very useful to you all the girls are lovely and there is plenty of support to go around! lots of baby dust to you xxxxxx
  • Thanks image and to you too! Was needing abit of extra support and found this website by chance, never heard of it before! Its nice to speak to others all in the same position
  • hi, welcome! its great fun talking to girlies on here! good luck ttc! xxxxxxxx
  • Hi and welcome to the forum! These ladies keep me sane every month, hope your stay in the ttc section is a short 1 hun xx
  • Hi hun x Know how you feel! Been ttc for the last 10 months
    Welcome and good luck xx
  • Hiya and welcome,
    I now exactly who youfeel. Hubby and I have been trying for 11 months and just burst into floods or tears and is starting to get a bit frustrating. Trying to keep positive but it gets a bit difficult at times. xxxx
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