Had to laugh!!

Not really to do with ttc, but this forum is the one I mostly read. I had a giggle today, I work in a nursery and one of our mums went into labour last night, I saw the dad this morning, me not knowing about the labour yet, he looked completely shattered!! Ru ok I asked? with his hand on his head, he replied " I am soo tired, she went into labour last night, Ive been up alll night!" (no mention of the missus in agony, just how tired HE was)I just had to laugh when I walked away and wondered how would my oh handle labour!!! long way off yet but i am a wonderer!!


  • when i went into labour with my first my lovely oh was there the whole step of the way. i gave birth to chloe and he just sat in a corner went as white as a sheet threw up and had to be taken home by my mum. while i had just given birth. these men have it so hard.lol
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