AGAIN!!!?????..... (help) please

hello again girlies........ ok im so annoyed and scared! im worried i have somethign wrong, that im not ovulating or something?

i came off the pill 28th jan, i had AF 28 days later (all good) then after that AF on CD11 i got another full on AF, so i thougth ok thats just the pill coming out of my system, but now on CD13 and another AF??? im so confused im worried i have something worng? should i go to my gp? anypone else experienced something similar??? help me *cry cry*:\?

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  • hi i dont really know about the pill but i know it takes a while for your periods to get back to normal. I came off the injection a few years ago and blead for 6 weeks straight and then had 6 months with no af and then went to every 4 weeks and 6 weeks and basically all over the place it took a good few months to sort it self out, Sorry i know you dont want to wait that long but it might work quicker for you bacause on the pill you still have reg monthly afs on the injection you just dont bleed. And it didnt stop me getting pregnant. Good luck sending you baby dust! xxx
  • ok thanks, i really hpe your right! i feel so sad image
  • how heavy? Might it be ov spotting? I've had that this month. x
  • pretty heavy image same as my AF really. how long did yours last? i was starting to get excited for OV this month, and last month too, and just wen i expect to OV (both times) i get AF image
  • I had some blood in the loo yesterday am (sorry tmi), spotting when I wipe (kind of mixed with ewcm), then more spotting in the loo this am but a bit lighter. A panty liner has been fine. But I believe it can be heavier, my gynae said it was all perfectly normal as I was very worried because I've had problems with abnormal smears etc. Have a look at this:
  • thanks loobyloo thats made me feel a lil bit better. its kind of brown/pink and filled th little cotton bit of my pants lol (sorry) this was an hour agao now, and only had a bit since then, so im hoping and praying its ov spotting? just heavy spotting?? no EWCM yet tho x
  • hope that's what it is, and if so, it also means you better get busy ha ha!
  • lol, i will keep u posted, thanks hun x
  • hello again, its a definate AF image o dear. my annoying body! i wish i new what was going on with it and why! thanks for your replys xxxxxxxxxx (((hugs)))
  • hi *me* i came off the pill (cilest) in November and AF was all over the place one month it was 28 days the next 14 then next was 45 so dont worry too much it will sort itself out eventually. my AF is now 28 days without fail (or hopefully fail this month) but fingers crossed for you hun!!! xxxx
  • hiya charlie73, fingers crossed for this month for you image how long did it take for ur body to get back into routine???? i think i may need to buy some ov sticks so i no when i ov? i wasnt going to bother but if my af is gonna be like this maybe it would be a good investment so i at least know im ovulating? x
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