i hope im doing everything right

hello, i am so new to all this...we have been at it every other day,and my cycle is every 30 days.last period 19th april,how do i no my most fertile days? im regular with my periods


  • we are just having sex every other day,do you think when im most fertile to do every day,or just keep every other day still
  • I would do it every other day then around ov do it every day! x
  • by doing it every day are we not making the sperm less effective,less potent?
    normalily we orgasim together or me just before. mrkc says we should just do every other day all through as even during my peak times it not just one day is it,so we should still be hitting the egg!
  • ha ha hey im the queen of TMI,well we are sticking to every other day all through ,fingers crossed. i will bare in mind the what you said and try to let him go first! ha ha
  • im so gald im off the bank holiday weekend,those are my fertile days! so sex for breakfast!
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