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im back i was 25 yesterday & im due to ov anyday bring it on

hello ladies i have had a little break away from here but im back and on top form hee hee im pn cd 11 so close tp pv whoo hoo let the bd'ing commence lol how is everyone doing xx


  • yay happy birthday chick how you doing? good to see you have pma x x
  • Hello hun, welcome back! I hope your feeling refreashed and ready for your bfp! Im on cd2 of what ended up being a 45 day cycle for me!!! I started to think my body was trying to tell me that im too old for this ttc lark!! lol. Roll on ov. Good luck hun. xxx
  • Ooops forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday. I hope you had a good one! xxx
  • happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear sam, happy birthday to you!
  • thanks ladies for the birthday wishes x
    Grudie how are you chick where are you on you cycle x iv not been away long theres so many names i dont reconise hope we do it this month otherwise we difinatly got to stop image good luck x
    Debbiemc atleast you got there in the end hun shes a horrid witch sometimes good luck this month babydust coming your way x
  • aww thanks 2bsmart how are you and were are you on your cycle x good luck x
  • im fine thanks chick,im on cd26 today,so will be due next wed/thurs but have no clue really after last month,im going to be havaing a ster word with the bitch with regards to this mon and basically tell her to piss off lol while im there il have a word for you lol

    i hope you do it this month chick,how long are you going to stop for if it doesnt happen this month??
  • oooo not long to go now hun iv got everything crossed for you x i don't know what to do thats why i stayed off here for nearly 2weeks to have a think i really want another but my oh aint too keen so i have given it nearly 5months to ttc and fate and really on my side i am a great believer in everything happing for a reason so maybe im not meant to be a mummy again i just don't know anymore i don't know whether to keep ttc coz i know oh would be happy its just hard to convince him but he would bw fine if i fell x im still young i difinatley dont want kids in my 40s as i started so young (16) i don't want to get there though and regret not having another sorry for the long reply but i guess i just don't no the answer yet xx
  • thats alright hun i was wondering before but just never asked,i say you have legitimate reasons for stopping for a bit but maybe after youz could try again,your rite tho your still young,still a spring chicken lol

    whos to mess with what fate hands us eh
  • i have been very lucky to have been blessed with two beautiful healthy children so i cant complain and i would 1000% love to see a lovely ladie on here who has not been so lucky yet have a bfp over me im very lucky to have my two x good luck chick i reaaly hope younhave done it this month x
  • thanks chick same to you x x x

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