so i've been.....

Really liked the storage underneath for cloths and bibs and appears comfortable for my 6 month old.However, the tray is a bit high and far away at the moment for him to reach. Excellent value for money.


  • Turns out i have PCOS as of a scan on the 15th January!!!???? Thats right the 15th January the scan to confirm the mc had come away completely showed that i had PCOS and know one thought to mention it to me or follow it up!!!!

    Oh well at least i know now the next plan of action is dh has to do a SA and i'm having a Hysterosalpingogram done on the 25th july which i would have to have waited for had my af not arrived this morning!!

    Then having day 21 bloods done as well.

    These tests are all formalities as she has basically said they'll perscribe clomid so fingers crossed we'll get a bfp soon.
  • Glad to see you have got some answers but I am in shock that they have know since January and no body thought to mention this to you!!!

    Heard lots of positive things about clomid so fingers crossed that it works for you too
  • Glad you have some answers and a plan of action. I can't believe no one discussed pcos with you?? Madness!
    Heres hoping you get your bfp soon x
  • How bad that they didnt think to tell you!!!!
    Hope they get you on the clomid quickly to let it get working. Good luck with the SA and the H test that I can't spell!!xx
  • hey

    that is so bad that they have known all that long. i'm glad you have some answers though

    good luck hun, lots of babydust and pma xxxxxxxx
  • Good luck with the clomid hun, it's great stuff. My sister just got her BFP after just two months on it.

    Baby dust. x x x
  • thanks ladies!

    I am a bit shocked that they left me all this time but i guess EPU weren't testing for that so they didn't progress it and i had already proved i could get pg i guess?!

    oh well onwards & upwards.
    I'll let u know about the dye test rubyred as soon as i've had it- apparently its no worse than a smear (never had 1 thou).

  • Christ all mighty, it took them long enough to tell you! Hope they appologsied. GOod luck anyway for the next stages and hope you get prescibed something soon and you get a BFP soon to.. Sxx:\)
  • I can't believe they didn't tell you - unless they thought you already knew? I am glad you know what it is though and things are moving forward for you xx here's to your BFP soon xx
  • You must be totally p***ed off! On the other hand you have an answer, and a solution. Yay! Good luck with the clomid. xx
  • sorry its taken so long but at least now you have some answers and looks like the clomid will get you your bfp. Fingers crossed for a real sticky one soon. Babydust and PMA coming your way.
    Filo x
  • That is awful that they have left you for so long without telling you!! At least you have an answer now babe and his will mean doing something about it, your have your BFP in no time now i bet you any money image

    k XX

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