im out for this month :(

well this morning i seem to be bleedin, guessing its another period. came of my injection 4th april (onlt had 1 shot) had a bleed from april 6 - 12 and now ive started today the 22nd, was really hoping this was my month as my opk stick were positive and been beddin lots round o'in time. guess im on to the next month. xxxx:cry::cry::cry::cry:


  • Ah, sorry to hear that hun. Good luck for next month. I'm waiting to finish my pill pack then we're gettign started on ttc no 1 too. I'm so excited to start but kind of always just assumed it would happen, I need to start thinking about getting my head around possibly having a loong ttc journey!
  • thanks huni, hope u dont ave a long wait til ur bfp xx
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