What are you going to do different? :\)

Hi there

For those of us that the witch caught, I was just wondering if you are planning to do anything differently? I have bought some pre seed and I'm going to make sure that we bd after I ov as well as before.

Fingers crossed this is our month.

V xxx


  • Hello!
    well we are going for quality not quantity this month. We have been bd'ing in the week before OV and by the time my smiley face arrives we are tired and it is a bit of a struggle! So going for a more SMEP approach i think.
    WE are also going to bd after ov too as I am wondering if I think ov is over before it actually is image
  • I think you are the same as me, we never seem to get round to it after and as I don't use OPK I'm not 100% when I on anyway. My doc said if you bd from day 10 to 18 you have a better chance.

    Good luck

    V xx
  • Well from using my smiley faces I know I ovulate about CD 14/15 on a 27 day cycle so don't think we will start until day 10/11 this month. Have been starting on CD 8 and can't do it anymore!!
    We have been using pre-seed and it helps when bd'ing is a little rushed... image

    Good luck to you too!
  • We're trying Preseed for the first month this time too. And we're going to go for every other day, starting tomorrow which is day 8, I think I'll be ov 14/15 too so might break the every other day rule and go for both those.....OH seems quite determined this month, more so than others as I think he expected it to happen a bit quicker than this!
  • I'm really excited about it, I really hope it works. I think we'll stick to the every other day too. We want to make sure we do afterwards too.

    I'm really excited. I've started exercising again too and looking at my diet more closely. No more alcohol now for the next couple of months. (unless its a special occassion)

    Lots and lots of baby dust

    V xxx
  • I am getting excited about this month too! I am getting back on the health kick again after falling of the health wagon due to holiday and then feeling a bit rubbish about TTC. What a difference a few days make!
    My hubby is really surprised at how long it seems to be taking, but then so am I!
  • Me too, I didn't think it would take this long. It's been 5 months for us but 3 real months, but it still seems like forever.

    We've just planted some veg in our back garden too so hopefully I'll have more than veg growing with a bit of luck.

    You're spot on though, it's amazing how a couple of good days can make a difference.

    Here's to a new month for us. xxxx
  • we are on to month 5 now as well and it does feel like forever!
    I love growing our own veg, we have had an allotment for a few years but we have had to give it up as we are moving house. We used to get all sorts from it it was brill.
    We will be back on the veg growing ASAP!

    lots of baby dust to us all xx

  • This month Id like my effing body to do something different and Bloody CONCEIVE! Heheimage xx

  • this month I think my DH is more determined> The last cycles it was mostly me trying to seduce him in my fertile time.

    This cycle I'll lay down for 15 mins after BD and hopefully hv more BD at my fertile window.
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