Has anyone had gallstones before?

I might have suspected gallstones. Woke up yesterday with severe tummy pain - I haven't felt anything this painful since I had my appendix removed when I was 9 years old!

Been signed of work and waiting for a scan.

Has anyone else had them? When will the pain go??


  • Hiya, my mum is suffering with gallstones at the moment, she has to really watch what she is eating and drinking and she is waiting to see a consultant about getting her gallbladder removed.

    Have you been to your GP?? xx
  • Hi,
    I've had them and yes they hurt. You'll need to change your diet to cut out fat!! I actually had my gallbladder removed, pretty simple op and i felt miles better afterwards, apart from the odd bought of heartburn!! I had lots of stones, hence the op, but if you only have a few then controlling your diet should help ease the pain. I only got pain a couple of times and it must have been more than 6 months apart each time.
    Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Its common. Some need to have it removed if causing so much pain, some leave it and let it disappear. My partner had it removed nearly a year ago as he suffered for several months without realising, the pain is now gone! he came home on the same day. it was small op. u'll be fine hun. x
  • Thanks for all your replies girls! Yes, been to the docs and I have to have a scan. Been given buscopan and strong painkillers. I thought though that the pain was supposed to last a couple of hours - I have had pain for 3 days straight and I don't have a fatty diet, I try to avoid fatty foods as I have IBS anyway! It's really frustrating as I am in my 2 week wait and i've been poorly for most of it.
  • Hi Laura,
    I definitely only got the pains / attacks for a few hours at a time and when the pain went it didn't come back for weeks or months. I think it's caused by stones passing through, if it's gallstones then maybe one has got stuck? Have you thought about going to a&e, thats where i went as it felt like i was having a heart attack (the pain really is that bad). If you go to a&e you are bypassing the wait for your doctor to refer you, plus if you are in that much pain you might need looking at sooner!!
    Hope you feel better soon. let us know how you get on xx
  • Hi Laura,

    I have gallstones and the pain is exactly as Dotty describes.. I ended up in A & E as I thought I was having a heart attack. I've now got to see the consultant next month to see about having the gall bladder removed as i've had a couple of episodes where the pain has lasted 4 or 5 days. The pain is supposed to be one of the stones getting stuck so if it persists definitely take yourself off to A & E xx
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