Desperate advice please

Hi ladies....I eventually had my 21 day blood test on Thursday morning, I was ovulating when I had the blood test when I saw the Dr on Wed and she said come in for a blood test to check up on everything as after 3 miscarriages and now a year of ttc, its starting to get to me.
So I called this evening to find out the results and the receptionist was trying tobe as helpful as possible said that my Serum LH levels are high and that my Restradiol levels are high and to make an appointment to see a Dr as soon as possible.
Can anyone tell me what the hell this means??
I am going to call and get a telephone appointment with a Dr in the morning, but unfortunately my GP is not working tomorrow!!
If anyone can shed some light....please drop me a line!!

Thanks ladies!! xx

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  • I am relaly sorry but I don't know!!
    Just didn't want to R&R!
    Really hope it all works out for you.
  • Hey Bronz,
    I had slightly raised LH levels and ended up being diagnosed with PCOS. I'm not suggesting this is what you have but I thought I'd let you know!
    Try not to panic although it's easier said then done.
  • sorry honey i didnt want to read and run.

    just wanted to say i hope you are ok, and remember to come back and let of steam if you need to.

    x x x
  • Bronz! Haven't seen you on ages. You finally got your tests done. I'm not to sure what they mean but hope it's something they can fix. This sounds craZy but when I did mine n I would have prefered to have something wrong but fixable as It would have explained the miscarriages and non pregnancy but instead they apparently came back fine, and I got told it would maybe be "fourth time lucky.

    Sorry if I've taken over the post just hope If something wrong it's easily fixed and you've got a bouncing baby in no time! Xx

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  • Hi Ladies...thank you very much for your replies. I called up the GP this morning and couldnt speak to my own GP, but I just needed to know what the results mean. All she said was that there is a hormonal imbalance in my ovaries and I need to come in and see my GP asap so I can be referred to a gynecologist. So have made an appointment for 9.10 tomorrow morning.
    I just dont understand - I have had blood tests before and I have had a scan - but all was clear then.
    Its going to be one stressful day!!
    Thank you all sooo much for your lovely messages, and will keep you updated!!
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