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Looking for some advice.
A little bit about me... I`ve been ttc for 10 almost 11 months. After coming off the pill my periods have been irregular 27- 43 days so decided to try a CBFM. The first month of using CBFM no peaks (previously used OPKS and they seemed to show OV) became upset thinking I hadn`t OV and then convinced by friends to take a month of charting, so thats what i did but again BFN. This month decided to use CBFM and still no peaks! now on cd34 no AF and a BFN. Just cant stop worrying i`m not ovulating. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • It does sound a bit strange?

    I have used the CBFM the first time this month and had peaks right when I thought I should and this was confirmed by temping (first month of this too!).

    Are you getting highs? Are you using the CBFM each month or are you trying it one month and missing the next? If so it may not be able to get used to your cycles?

    If you are using it each month and your are concerned I would go to the doctor and ask for some tests.

  • You say your periods are irregular, on the months when you have used CBFM how many CD's have you had?

    I'm just thinking that your CBFM probably stopped you PAOS from around CD25 which means you could have ov'd afterwards if AF didn't show until CD43.

    Personally I loved CBFM but it's not for everyone, particularly those with longer cycles. However I must say for it to work properly you should be using it every month, that way it will predict when you should OV and only get you to PAOS around that time. If you only use it now and again it will probably ask you to PAOS from CD6 which won't help your longer cycles.

    You say that you previously got OPK's and they showed OV so that's a good sign. I'd give CBFM a chance to work for you but if you are converned then go visit the docs xx
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