what was...

Everyones first period like after stopping pill / implant ect?
I sill have not got mine after 85 days image and just want to know what im going to be getting
thanks girls xxx


  • Hi loopydoo. I came off the Microgynon pill in May this year and didn't get my first proper AF until 113 days later! It was very light and only really lasted for about 3 days, so i was quite surprised. Can't really remember what they were like before going on the pill though to be honest. Just waiting for my next AF or preferably a BFP. Think i may be ovulating soon due to a nearly positive OPK today! Fingers crossed something arrives for you soon. x
  • Hi loopydoo,

    I am sorry to hear you still havent had your period. Did you have a bleed when you stopped taking the pill?

    My first period after coming of the pill was 35 days after my fake period if that makes sense. Sice coming off the pill they are alot more painfull than when I was on the pill and my boobs hurt much more than they used to. Other than that pretty much the same.

    I have been off the pill for 5 months now and still not regular but it can take a while to get back to normal. xx
  • Thanks for replies. Well i had a light bleed after i stopped my pack, that was it, and nothing since. But i have had a lot of signs that it's on it's way like mood swings and pain in my tum, then it will just go away again. It's so horrible waiting, i hope we all get get bfps soon image
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