any hints or tips for AF pain?!

i have VERY bad af pains today and not had them this bad since before going on pill (11 years ago!)

dont have a hot water bottle at home and its took rainy and windy to go and get one! any other ideas/miraculous ways of helping it?!



  • wine, chocolate and a girlie movie lol. sorry not much help... mayeb even chinese! ooo and ibroprofen! rubbish aint it! x
  • haha, that is SO my own remedy anyway! i already have some chocolate at home and will get some vino on the way home!!! then i think i will have a bath and try to relax. been taking ibuprofen all day!
    i hate AF so much! xx
  • me too! lol good plan! hopefully this its ur last one (for 9 months anyways)
  • yay - me too *me*! thanks image xx
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