So, I haven't been a regular poster on here for a couple of months due to me becoming a bit obsessional about ttc (although ive been lurking) and i thought i needed to chill (hasnt worked lol).
Dh was away last cycle so we thought we'd really go for it this cycle but its been completely messed up due to my great idea of using my cbd opks with fmu instead of in the afternoon as usual. Ive been using them since Dec and always ov on cd13, however there was no smiley this month on cd 13 (morning or pm) so i tested cd14 morning- no smiley, and in the afternoon the test failed!!!! so i dont even know if ive ov'd this month as i dint have any more cbd opks!!
work has been majorly stressful so it might have been late and we bd'd every other day from cd9 so hopefully ive still got a chance, although i then got a bug cd22 and i NEVER get sick so now i think im prob out and its a big mad conspiracy to stop me getting pregnant!! im driving myself crazy, its cycle 7 for us and feels like im never gonna get a bfp.
ok, pity party over, sorry for ranting its just dh is being fab about it all but i know hes disappointed.
baby dust to all xxx


  • awww hope ur feeling better kaitib! hopefully u get ur BFP soon! so what CD are u on today? maybe next month?? pma hun xxxx
  • thanx *me*, im ok, im on cd 27 of a 27/28 cycle so hopefully af will arrive asap and we can get going again. my pma is nearly back yay, x
  • o good! bring on next month i say! xxxxxxxxx
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